Zombie Law
Fighting for rights of reanitmated Americans!
Welcome to ZombieLaw.net, where we fight for the rights of the formerly living or recently re-animated. If you or a loved one has recently turned and have developed a craving for brain matter as sustenance, please call our offices

Based in Austin TX, we are the premiere law firm defending the rights of the undead or reanimated. Like all living Americans have rights, we feel that ex-Americans should enjoy the same rights and be free of what we've coined as Lifeism

We're hiring in 2015! We are looking for motivated, hard working attorney's who specialize in the civil rights of formerly living American's. If you know anyone and they are hired we will pay a recruiting fee for any Attorney that fits this role and is hired. Email Rob@ZombieLaw.net or RobZombie@aol.com. 

Welcome to Zomie Law

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