Zombie Law
Fighting for rights of reanitmated Americans!
Welcome to ZombieLaw.net, where we fight for the rights of the formerly living or recently re-animated. If you or a loved one has recently turned and have developed a craving for brain matter as sustenance, please call our offices.

Welcome to Zombie Law

Meet the staff


Robert Zombino, Principle Partner

Mr Zombino obtained his law degree from the University of Texas in 1985 and opened the practice in October of 1985 using a small business loan. He has since won many awards as a humanitarian in the rights of formerly living individuals living in Texas and surrounding areas.

He was raised in Upstate New York son of his immigrant father, Jacob Zombino and mother Mary Ellen Debotis. His father Jacob worked on a large beet farm his whole life to give young Robert the education he so dearly missed.

Robert is currently married with 3 sons, His hobbies include wake and paddle boarding on Lake Austin, supporting his son's football teams and competitive eating.

Contact: Rob@Zombielaw.net.