Zombie Law
Fighting for rights of reanitmated Americans!

An appeals court in Minneapolis, Minnesota overturned a lower court in finding that a group of zombies had been wrongfully detained during a protest. The 2006 protest against consumerism was held in a shopping mall. Oh, yeah, these were not real zombies; The protesters were just dressed as zombies. I didn't mean to alarm anyone.

"An objectively reasonable person would not think probable cause exists under the Minnesota disorderly conduct statue to arrest a group of peaceful people for engaging in an artistic protest by playing music, broadcasting statements (and) dressing as zombies," the appeals court ruled.

Halloween is upon us, there will be lots of Zombies and Ghouls out there, Please be nice to them, they only crave brains and for most of you that won't be an issue.

Court Rules Zombies Have Right To Free Speech